About Leon

... born in 1959 in Soest. After a design career of 30 years, it was time for a new turn in his life. The art of letting go in his development as an artist in which he has developed his own and distinctive style. Essential, in his eyes, for an artist. His works are now available at various galleries. He has also participated in various national and international exhibitions. His studio is located in Hilversum.

On the one hand, he draws his inspiration from the Spanish bull, the symbol of Spain. The bewildering respect we have for these majestic beasts, who seem to come from another world, where power and elegance complement each other. This is exactly the characteristic of the bulls he knows how to catch. Leon works with different color layers of Epoxy resin and acrylic.

On the other hand, his inspiration comes from the very iconic photographic images of movie stars. He developed his own iconic portraits by giving them a strong expression, strong colors in a mixed media setting. Leon uses digital art as a basis and completes the works with acrylic, coffee and multiple layers of colored and transparent epoxy resin. All in all, it produces strong and highly decorative portraits.

Be welcome in his studio for a cup of coffee and experience how Leon works!